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UT Artlington Mechanical EngineeringI like working with clients that can see the big picture. Engineers and the problems they face will always be a necessary part of our society. Where there are problems, there is a need for engineering analysis, design and manufacturing.

My friends over at Sawyer Composites work hard for their customers fabricating parts and tooling.

They also give back and provide local students at the University of Texas in Arlington use of their shop to help build their UTA Formula SAE cars.

What a cool partnership between veterans and the bright future engineers getting their education.

I have a lot of relationships with junior engineers. We don’t necessarily have that old system of apprenticeship from long ago, but sharing our knowledge, time and even our tools keeps the tradition of engineering flowing.

I know I benefited from experienced engineers taking their time to invest in me as I was growing and learning.

I hope as you are busy meeting deadlines, you can also take some time to step back and contribute to the trade of engineering. Share your knowledge and anything else that can help the younger people around you. It keeps you young and on the cutting edge as well.

UT Arlington Racecar


UT Arlington Racecar

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