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golf friends Myrtle Beach

Long time golf friends

I have played golf several times with friends in Myrtle Beach. They are a diverse, great group of friends who have been coming to Myrtle Beach for over twenty years. The founding members of the group have mostly passed away, but their children are carrying it on.

This time around, there were 18 of us and we played three days together. We split up on the fourth day because some had early flights out. We all came in from different parts of the country.

It’s fun how golf can build great relationships. I like inviting friends or business relationships to my club. It allows us to slow down and get to know each other around a great game..

It also allows me to get away from the problems and let my brain just work on engineering in my subconscious. I think I become a better problem solver over the long term for it.

Well, back to the grind and the engineering demands of the day.

Where do you like to golf?

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