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airport bridges analysisThis week I went to Vegas to attend two trade shows.  One show was called Aviation Pros LIVE and was exhibiting airport equipment.

A typical show attendee would be a buyer of loading bridges, trucks, fueling equipment, maintenance tools, etc.

I enjoyed meeting many different companies on the cutting edge as well as connecting with some of my analysis clients in the industry. It’s always great to get out and have the time and space to collaborate and explore possibilities.

The show tended to be a bit more intimate with a smaller gathering.

While a lot of consumers are busy boarding planes and focused on baggage, the engineering world of airport equipment supporting the operations inside a terminal and on runways is remarkable to take in. There are a lot of innovations and functions that make it happen and I enjoyed growing my knowledge of this space that our team supports with analysis work.

aviation equipementWhen we analyze situations like the integrity of a guard rail when a truck hits it, the scale, conditions and context make a lot more sense when the whole environment can be taken in.

The equipment manufacturers doing their parts in the operational flow have a lot to consider.

Overall, it was a great show to build some relationships and add to our Meadows Analysis knowledge base.

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