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How I Work

Thank you for your interest and consideration of me to provide forensic engineering expert witness services.

Here is how I work with clients that retain my services:

  • Set-Up: My clients provide details of forensic cases they would like examined.
  • Agreements: We sign any required agreements, including NDA’s.
  • Scoping: I review the requirements and provide a scope of timeframe and retainer hours.
  • Billing: My clients accept the scope and retainer for an agreed upon block of professional services hours. Any travel is also approved and billed in addition.
  • Project Management: I set up a project to manage time, materials and requested engineering services.
  • Support: Upon completion of any retainer hours, my clients renew a new block accordingly for ongoing work.

All time related to cases are tracked and available for review by clients upon request. I work collaboratively, responding to clients as well as providing options to support any case work.

Thank you. Feel free to contact me to move forward on your case.